Welcome to Xiang 'Anthony' Chen's HCI Research Cuisines!
I am a 5th year PhD student at CMU, looking for academic or industrial research positions:     Poster     Vitæ     Research     Teaching     Diversity    

Upcoming travel:
02/1: Cornell InfoSci   →   02/6: UMich CSE   →   02/13: UCSB CS   →   02/22: Yale CS   →   03/9: Princeton CS   →   03/14: CU Boulder ATLAS
  →   03/20: Adobe Research   →   03/27: Northwestern CS

I develop technical and design approaches to build novel human-computer interfaces that enhance users' physical interactivity with ubiquitous computers,
or enable their creativity in fabricating physical objects of their design (e.g., using 3D printing).

My long-term research vision is Ubiquitous Fabrication-—empowered by computational design software and emergent fabrication machines,
users are able to create customized physical tools, mechanisms, gadgets or other physical means to solve real world problems or improve their quality of lives.

Selected publications: References: Email me to learn more! xiangchen @ acm.org